Sex. Not gender.

It's in black & white. In the Equality Act.

What's the problem?

Many organisations conflate the term 'gender' with sex. Why does this matter?

Equality Monitoring

What makes good practice and what are the issues many organisations have in their equality monitoring?

Good practice

What should an equality monitoring form say?

The list

The list of 500+ organisations that have been challenged on the content of their recruitment equality monitoring forms.

Bad practice in Government

How Government departments measure up.

Monitoring bad practice

Examples of bad practice from organisations, public authorities and government departments.

Equality Act 2010

The Act protects people against discrimination, harassment or victimisation based on nine protected characteristics including sex and gender reassignment.

Equality and Human Rights Commission

Who are they, what they do and what they need to do better.


What are the issues with many equality monitoring forms?

Recent years have seen the replacement of the term sex by the term 'gender' in many areas including public bodies, businesses, charities and wider society, particularly by those who seek to diminish the rights of women. 

But the law that protects us all from discrimination and harassment, the Equality Act 2010, is absolutely clear that the protected characteristic is sex, not gender.

It's in black & white. In the Equality Act.